Ice Age Trail – ’03

It all started here. In 2003, I threw a bunch of random hiking gear in a giant pack, laced up my leather boots, and walked 1000 miles across Wisconsin. My feet were blistered nearly every day of the hike, and the humid air was so full of mosquitoes I couldn’t breathe without wearing a bug head-net. But I met some amazing people along the way. Random strangers would offer me water, or a place to pitch my tent for the evening. I joined families for dinner, and got my drinks paid for in every little bar I visited.

Wisconsin’s gently rolling glaciated topography and proximity to towns should of made for an easy hike, but my lack of experience made for the most difficult experience I’ve ever undertook. I wanted to quit everyday. But I stuck it out, learned valuable lessons, and wouldn’t change the adventure for anything.

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  1. Oh My God! I am loving this! Having done a little canoeing in Minsnowta I kinda know the land, ya, I bet you wanted to go home every day! Glad you found friends, enlarged your family and had free drinks!

  2. Hey Lint: I’m the short chubby guy you met in Lima Montana. Somehow I lost your email. If you would respond to this I would appreciate it.

    Thanks Floyd

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