Continental Divide Trail – ’12

Continental Divide Trail – ’12

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  1. Love this sight! I’m reading Yogi’s guide and absorbing your thoughts on there as well. I personally love hiking and feel more at ease in the wilderness than in real life. It often behoove me when I meet individuals thru-hiking who seem to be miserable? Obviously you love it and it shows in your thoughts and deeds. I do a bit of writing and speaking and would love to hear your story. You should write a book if you already have not. My plan is to finish writing a book after finishing the CDT (if I finish the PCT). It will have more to do with how we walk through life using real lives as examples. I would love to hear your story sometime as intentionally speaking simplicity in life in our walk through this world has proven so often to bring about true fulfillment where so many other reign miserable in there quest for riches. Would love to chat sometime at your coveneince.

    Samson. 601-750-0756

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