Continental Divide Trail – ’07

The Continental Divide Trail is the biggest, most brutal and beautiful of all the trails I’ve hiked. It’s length is somewhere between 2600 and 2800 miles, but there is no way to accurately determine for sure since so much is cross country travel.

On this trail, hikers are free to make up their own routes from Canada to Mexico, and carry maps showing an assortment of ways to connect their footsteps. Since all my other hikes had been northbound, I decided to southbound from Canada. Grizzly bears, dangerous river fords, baking hot deserts and lightning prone alpine traverses made for a spicy adventure.

This trail took me just over 4 months to complete, and the last 3 months were in almost complete solitude. There were weeks where I would see absolutely no other humans, and somedays not even a trace of mankind. No roads, telephone lines, or even airplanes.

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