Appalachian Trail – ’14

This was my third northbound thru hike of the AT.

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  1. Did you use your hammock set up for shelter on this trip, like your AT 2010 tour ? Any other changes with gear or routine ? Did you go Stoveless ? Give us a good summary of your trip and interesting people you met. Thanks man, for the inspiration.

  2. Great meeting you a few times in VA- Archangel and I went on a frenzy lowering our weight after seeing your pack, going from about 26 base to 14 (as money would allow for some new gear items). Also got the Altra Lone Peak at Waynesboro, loved the zero drop, but even with the wide toe box, my Flinstone feet are just too big… Pinky toes were bursting out the sides and PA tore them up pretty good! Anyways, we’re hoping to move on to the PCT 2016 if it can work out, I’m sure we’ll have questions for you. Keep rockin it man!

  3. Just cruising through your site. I caught that piece you did for OPB and it was cool to see your ground system. Hope all is well and I’m looking forward to reading your final thoughts on the AT in 2014.

  4. Hey Lint, wanted to send you a Congrats. Glad I got to meet you at Bob’s and having a nice chat with you…. Thanks for going through my pack, I ended up sending a nice chuck of stuff home….Moose kept me updated on your hike. I finished on the 25th of Oct. :-)
    Happy Hiking!!!!!

  5. 14 pounds must of felt SO MUCH BETTER after lugging around 26. Great job! Hit me up when you’re ready for PCT planning. I highly suggest picking up a copy of Yogi’s PCT Guidebook.

  6. I pulled out my trusty Warbonnet Blackbird yet again for this thru hike, and upgraded to a Mountain Laurel Designs cuban fiber tarp. I did go stoveless, and it worked out very well! I’m amazed at all the different types of foods I’m able to “cook” just by soaking!

  7. Do you use an underquilt or a pad with your hammock? If you use an underquilt, do you bring an additional sit pad to make a frame for your MLD Burn?

  8. There’s a new hammock by Dutchware called the Half-Wit that has netting on just half the hammock. So if you want to sleep without the net you just reverse it. Also, have you considered going to a under quilt? You’d gain a few ounces but you’d also gain pack space (and less condensation).

    Lint, I love your site. I’ve learned so much here. After a serious back injury I thought my backpacking days were done and then, with your helpful information, I went from nearly forty pounds (base!) to 12 pounds (and dropping). Anyway, I continuously yo-yo the Superior Hiking Trail. I hope to run into you someday.

  9. I’ve used a Gossamer Gear pad in the past for hammock hanging, but recently started experimenting with an underquilt. So far, I’m a huge fan. I have been sliding a Gossamer Gear NightLite torso pad for the frame on my MLD Burn, and when I’m rocking the hammock, I just bring the sit pad size.

  10. Lint…met you on AT in 2014 as you were nearing end of PA…we were checking out snake and then you came up on us…took a couple photos…so cool to have crossed paths on the Trail… we’re still section hiking 3rd year and now have 766 miles complete

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