Lint Hikes – 45

Lint Hikes

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  1. Hey… the scenery in these shots. We are thinking about taking a trip during Spring Break. What time of the year are you there, and exactly where are you? Would it be too cold to go in mid March? I admire everything that you have accomplished and the risks you took to do something that your heart told you to go for. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Hidey ho!! Glad to see your still wandering our great earth! Being the wise punk u are.i see that your bull thistle theory has served you well…. finding beauty,strength and health in the natural.i was with you to see you launch your virgin hike.and meet your shadow man Luke- @ the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair on the solstice n got to hear how good your doing,it made my day to know ** life is good here-always smiling,keeping earthy and learning every moment.Thrilled to know your smiling,snipped….. and strutting strong.get in touch if u wish.always fun to swap tales! Peace L

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