Many of these great photos were snapped by my hiker friend Ryan Weidert:

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  1. Lookin’ good. Glad those photos I took of your tanned chiseled legs that writhe like a bag full of snakes are being put to good use! Now get on trail already so you can look like a dirty wizard again!
    -Tuna Helper

  2. Yo Lint! Good to see you in lights! Those legs and arms have too much ink to be white and pasty. I look forward to your “gems” on this website. Good to see you bro!

  3. Hi Lint, to remind you who I am, my friend Rick and I met you in Two Med last week when you were setting up for the night and we stopped to see what the heck you were setting up. We then saw you again in the store at Many Glacier where we were all getting breakfast and you were preparing for your last 90 miles. I hope you completed successfully and are having fun competing in Europe – forget exactly where you were going. I know you told us what your favorite places were along your trek of the CD, but given my advanced age, I’ve forgotten most of those you and your friend listed. I do remember you both liked the High Sierras, and I’m wondering what about them you liked best. We’re thinking about where to go next year, and since you’ve traveled extensively about on foot, your opinion would be welcome. Take care, have fun and stay safe out there!

  4. Hey Lint-

    I just missed you on the CDT in August when you and Dirtmonger arrived in East Glacier almost to the day. I was at the park with my parents to get them out to hike. I did a bit of the CDT to whet the appetite. It is so amazingly gorgeous out there.

    Congrats finish the CDT…again.

    I’ve also been following WhyNot’s journal on Postholer.

    CHrista Wellman (a.k.a. Kung Fu: PCT 2009 and 2011)

  5. Wish we could of run into each other in East Glacier, that was almost perfect timing. And now that you’ve tasted the CDT, I bet it’s next on your list!

  6. Glacier Park and the Wind River Range in Wyoming were two of my favorite spots, but the San Juan range in Colorado is also amazing. Thanks for stopping to chat with us in the park! It’s always nice to talk with others, especially since looking like filthy hobos keeps most folks at bay.

  7. Plans are being hatched for an epic southwest hike, combining a few existing trails and a lot of cross country walking. Details in the coming months. And I might even go to Thailand next fall, but who can tell this early in the year!

  8. Hi any linke to videos of your trips what’s your next hike, haw many mi do you do is it all about speed or just going lite thank for the ultra lite backpacking over view be safe and make tracts for others to follow Peace JoP

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