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I’ve had this website up for quite some time now. Most traffic comes from folks looking for advice on backpacking gear, and I’ve always been happy to spend time communicating with strangers in an effort to help them on their upcoming journey. Back when I first started thru hiking, there wasn’t much information out there to assist me, so I had to learn the hard way: trial and error. Being able to give back and pass on the wisdom others have bestowed upon me felt like the right thing to do. Kinda like the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, but dirty hikers instead of kids.

Last month I got an invite from Amazon to showcase my very own store. I’m now part of their affiliate program, and it works pretty slickly. Those who are interested in the gear I use can click on and be brought to my personal storefront. Folks can comb through my selections, and when they buy something, I get a small percentage of the sale. There is no additional cost to the consumer, Amazon merely shares a little love by kicking me down some coins. This is by no means a substitute for employment, but I finally receive a little incentive for the advice I’ve been giving all these years for free. Not bad!

Most of the items in my store are hiking related. Shoes, books, clothing. I’ve also shared some of the components I used to build my conversion van. Venting fans, water pumps, things like that. There are even links to the supplements I take every morning that keep my meat-wagon running smoothly, if you’re into that type of thing. Personally, I’ll take every advantage I can get when it comes to health. I’m sure not getting any younger.

I’ve also launched a couple t-shirt designs, and will continue to add more as time passes. They’re a little on the expensive side ($25!) but I opted for the premium fabric so I feel it’s justified. I despise wearing low quality, scratchy clothing. Amazon charged me FOR MY OWN SHIRTS but I bought one of each already and can vouch for their quality. Feel free to cut off the sleeves for maximum ventilation and incentive to lift more weights.

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