Descend on Bend

I’ve had this website up for years. When it first launched, it’s main purpose was to simply have a place for my gear list to be posted, since that was the main question I received from folks interested in ultralight thru hiking. It was a kind of buffer. Sending out the same email listing what I carried to hundreds of interested people got old, especially since I’m not very tech savvy and didn’t realize I could simply cut-n-paste that list. Having everything listed here allowed me to avoid emails…and spend more time on the trails.

If you’ve been reading content here, you’ve probably been curious why there weren’t many new posts. Fact is, I don’t fancy myself much of a writer. There are way more people out there who enjoy generating content and are far superior writers than I. Even now, I’m not editing this post at all…I’m just drinking coffee and typing out stream of consciousness nonsense. Figured I’d scribble (damn, this isn’t even scribbling…it’s typing. I’m a dinosaur) since I paid for a coffee and the rain outside is keeping my enthusiasm low for the run I had planned today.

Last month I wrote a little blog for my friends at Next Adventure about a trip I took in my van. Check it out below;

I’m still figuring out what I want this website to be. Do I do gear reviews of products I use on my hikes? Do I offer advice for folks new to hiking? Do I randomly sit in coffeeshops and bang out whatever pops into my head while I wait for blue skies?


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  1. Within the last week after selling a small piece of property i had it hit me that i could actually afford to abandon normal life and go for the AT. Discovering you and your long list of hikes and expertise on hiking ultra lightweight I respect what you have to say and I think i’ve seen every video i could find of you(that sounds kinda creepy when i think about it). Your style of writing is highly entertaining and if you haven’t already could you post an update on food for the trail i would like to know more about soaking in water instead of cooking.

  2. I think that you will find there are many of us who would love to hear what you have to say about gear reviews, advice for newbies and those who have hiked many miles, and your general streams of consciousness.

  3. Thanks for the kind words! I’ve been doing my best to juggle responsibilities and continue to make videos in my spare time. I know many people are waiting for my food video! Sorry everyone, I’m going to do one someday!

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