Did you know I started a YouTube account? I’ve been learning how to film and edit videos on my phone, so they’re all pretty rudimentary, but I’ll keep pumping out gear reviews as long as folks like them. I have a lot of gear to go over, and have started with a few of my favorite products. Here’s a link to check it out;

I plan to mainly focus on ultralight backpacking gear, since while there are many others reviewing the same products, they only have a fraction of the experience I do on the long trails. Being that I’ve accumulated nearly 30,000 miles of thru hiking miles alone, I’m hoping to bring a unique voice to an oversaturated platform. Or not. Maybe my reviews are simply adding to the clutter of YouTube, which seems to be full of all kinds of ‘experts’ these days! I’ve noticed the most popular gear review channels are run by newcomers to the long distance hiking world, who may have the skills necessary to film and edit a slick video, but lack the experience to offer much beyond that. I seem to be on the other end of that spectrum…I have all the experience hiking, but no experience when it comes to making a catchy video!

Folks have been offering up requests for a host of different videos, and I aim to eventually cover more subjects, but am currently working on other projects that are taking up much of my time. I can’t feed myself with the pennies that come in from affiliate links through Amazon (although this certainly helps, and many thanks to those who make their Amazon purchases through those links) so in the mean time I’ll have to continue earning my keep by building van conversions.



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  1. As a budding youtuber, can you describe the details/process for creating videos? Platforms, apps, etc. I have an iPhone 6 w/ iMovie

  2. If you have an iPhone 6, you’re already more advanced than I am with my SE, so I have no helpful advice. Watch some instructional videos on how to use iMovie, and just go for it. As you can see from my videos, I just do rough editing and throw some music over it…I’m awful at it. What you’d learn from 10 minutes of watching a YouTube video would be the extent of my knowledge. Good luck!

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