When one thru hike isn’t enough.

I’m not very good at planning. You’d think I would be meticulous with logistics–being that I spend months on end hiking across the continent–but the truth is, I just kind of jump on into adventure. Sometimes my plans change overnight, and this year is no different.

The last few months, I’ve been toying with the idea of another Pacific Crest Trail thru hike, since I have such fond memories of both my other PCT treks. Everything leading up to my trip was going as planned until my good friend Dirtmonger casually informed me of the hike he was conjuring up. His plan was to hike a huge loop combining the Arizona, Hayduke, Colorado and Grand Enchantment Trails…and he invited me to tag along!

Instead of joining him for the entire way, I figured I’d backpack the AZT portion with him (800 miles) and then jump over to the PCT (2650 miles) and head north from Mexico. That means this year I won’t be settling for one thru hike, but two! Maybe this way I’ll end up starting the PCT minus the huge beer gut that usually accompanies me for the first leg of my journeys. An 800 mile warm up should have me in rippin’ good shape!

I’m stoked to be trying out a new model of footwear on this hike. Last year I wore the Lone Peak model of trail runners from Altra, and they performed extremely well. The wide toe box allowed my feet the space they need to prevent blisters, and the Zero Drop construction was perfectly suited to thousands of miles in the backcountry. Altra recently debuted a new model called the Superior, and I’m eager to put them through the wringer this summer! Lighter in weight than the Lone Peak and featuring a removable rock plate, the Superior should help me keep my feet in prime condition and the rest of my body comfortable. Well, as much as a shoe can, when you’re hiking 30+ miles a day for 4.5 months!  http://www.altrazerodrop.com/fitness/en/Altra/Men/superior-men


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