Montana? Already?

Updates on this site have been lacking, but it isn’t due to a shortage of amazing events. As one of the few hikers out here without a smartphone, gaining access to the internet can be challenging.

This past month has been chock full of adventure, mayhem, and glorious trail randomness! I finally caught up with the footprints I’d been following for 2 months and met Dirtmonger, another CDT hiker who started a few days before me. Check out his blog here;

The Great Divide Basin, the Wind River Range, Yellowstone…so many spectacular areas, and lucky me, I get to soak it all in while hiking a steady 3.5 MPH pace. The trail is a cleansing place, and every night I get to quietly reflect on all I saw during the day. Dusk turns to night, the stars spin their patterns above my simple camp, and I fall asleep eager for tomorrow.




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