I’m getting a little behind on my updates, since internet availability isn’t as often as I’d prefer, but I can assure y’all that I’m still out here hiking away! Crossing the border into Colorado meant lingering snow, and the postholing was terrible at times. Sinking up to your thighs in snow makes for low mile days, but there isn’t any point in complaining…you just keep pushing forward.

I’m currently in Leadville, CO doing some food resupply after a much needed shower. The trail in this section is splendid, since the CDT and the Colorado Trail are one and the same. Very well maintained, so 30 mile days are a snap. My pack is light, my spirits high, and the mountains just flow under my feet. Birdsong wakes me in the morning, and a canopy of stars sees me off to bed. In between…I walk. I think about everything and nothing, both at the same time. The sun rolls across the sky, shadows play off the dirt and trees, my eyes take it all in and the mobile meditation of hiking soothes my mind.

After 15,000 miles of hiking the long distance trails, I finally saw my first mountain lion! It was only a 3 second viewing, but there was no mistaking that huge cougar tail as it bounded into the forest. I was very pleased to finally see this elusive creature, and would be lying if I didn’t admit to casting a few backwards glances the rest of the day. Didn’t want that kitty sneaking up on me!

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  1. Great to meet you!
    Safe travels! When you get through drink a Canadian beer,you know,to get the ENTIRE Canada experience.
    Dennis,Wendy,and Scout

  2. “Here, kitty kitty.”
    Love your updates, Lint, keep ’em coming. Glad to know where you are!

  3. Hey it was great to hear your story in the steamboat hot springs yesterday! Mad respect to ya for making the journey by yourself. All the best luck in the world for the rest of your travels!

  4. Lint, Met you on the trail south of Rawlins on July 1. Hope your desert crossing went well. Tried to contact you the next day, but my message would not go. Had hoped to meet you in Dubois and buy your dinner. Hope Wyoming is treating you well. Gay and Mike Hughes

  5. Forget my last e-mail. You’re on the Colorado/CDT. Duh! Hope your hike goes fabulously well and that the heat isn’t so bad at whatever altitude you’re hiking at!


  6. Yo Lint,

    Just saw the Oregon Field Guide piece. You’re so awesome. You were so well spoken. Informative and gracious and insightful. Pack for your fears indeed.

    I’m super jealous of your CDT hike. I have to figure that one out. I’ve been saying “next year” for a few years now.

    That’s sweet that you saw a cougar, and I’m sure your heart was racing a bit.

    Be well and enjoy the miles, and I can’t wait to buy you a beverage when you get back,


  7. Hi Lint and Dirtmonger,
    We just met you in Yellowstone on the Heart Lake Trail and just wanted to send you a note of encouragement! It was great to meet you both ~ Meeting thru hikers really fuels our desires to do the AT in 2014. I’ve been researching your sponsors and seems like you have some great supporters! Enjoy Montana and if you’re ever hungry or in need of a shower/bed in Bozeman shoot us an email!
    Rachel & Rob

  8. Hi, Lint! I was stopped at a big boulder near Lost Ranger Peak in N. CO, heading South, when you came up for a nice visit. I thought of you often throughout mike hike to Chama. I was the guy that informed you of the smoking ban – outside cars and tents.

    Just writing to say hello. I think you are the coolest!!


  9. I just watched your field guide bit and got thinking about my fears. Beyond the one i think most fear (cold and hunger) they really came down to the creatures. The bears, cougars and Rattlers. I am an oregon girl and a firefighter and am no stranger to the woods but I cant seem to shake the irrational fear of being alone with all those creatures being just around the bend ready to make a meal of me in my tent. So after reading that it took 15,000 miles to spot one lion makes me feel a hell of a lot better. I have wanted to try backpacking for a while but because of an old injury cant hike for miles with a lot of weight. I had never rationally thought that you could do thru hikes with minimal gear so after seeing your bit and googling like a crazy person I feel invigorated with the possibilities. I don’t really know which trail I want to tackle first but you have given me a place to start….So I just wanted to say thanks man!



  10. The most dangerous place you’ll find yourself is in town! I’d trust the creatures in the wilderness over unpredictable humans every time.

  11. Thanks for the food! Seriously, that was such a kind gesture. We call acts like that “trail magic”, and on the AT you’ll really understand what that means! Hit me up if you have any planning questions!

  12. The desert was fantastic! Water sources were plentiful (well, by desert standards) and the scenery amazing. Thanks for stopping to chat with me!

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