• Starting Location: After waking up and beginning to hike, I started having second thoughts about my decision to follow the “official” CDTA route. Although there were huge CDT signs along the way, many of them were angled in such a manner that they misled me! What moron puts up a misleading sign? I’d rather have no signs at all than one that points me in the wrong direction. But it got worse…So I’m following these signs and they end at a barbed wire fence at a dirt road turn-around. Uhhhh, is this the border? There is no “crazy cook” monument, no signs…nothing but a mess of fence. I stopped and had a moment of confused celebration before following the fenceline in a daze. After quite awhile I saw this old concrete marker; the Crazy Cook monument! Oh, THIS is the official CDTA terminus. All those fancy trail signs but someone made them lead to the WRONG AREA, 0.2 miles north of the terminus. I was so upset, so confused at the incompetence, so furious at this mindless anti-climatic finish that I cursed and kicked the sand. BUT! It felt good to finish and I headed off west to intersect highway 81. By the time I got there it was pitch black so I just sat on the pavement and gazed at the stars. Border Patrol eventually rolled by and spotlighted me so I yelled “no habla ingles!” while holding up my hands, but they saw through my ruse. Even gave me a ride to the town of Lordsburg where I wondered dark streets before unrolling my gear next to the train tracks. I was ready to hop the first westbound that stopped, but only auto racks came by. Finally a string of boxcars stopped and I quickly got ready to ride but 3 bulls (railroad cops) pounced on the scene and got busy shining flashlights. I imagine being this close to Mexico they were looking for immigrants and they were too intent on their mission for me to risk getting a free ride. I hid in the bushes watching them check every boxcar, and then the train took off. Oh well. I’ll try hitchhiking tomorrow morning.
  • Destination: Mexico


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