Not every day of a long distance hike is full of excitement and daredevil thrills. Some days are actually kind of dull, and today was one of those days. I walked the dirt road that serves as the trail for over 20 miles, just watching the sun move across the sky and sending an occasional jackrabbit bounding for space not occupied by me. Big black beetles crept in the sand and a dry wind blasted across the treeless landscape. I stopped to cook at a water tank and the wind blew a bunch of crunchy grit into my mac-n-cheese. Delicious.Finally got to the “town” of Separ, which consists of absolutely nothing but one tourist orientated truck stop. It sold fireworks, fake Native American trinkets and random junk food. Loaded up on microwave burritos and was shocked to note they contained 1000 calories each. Regular people eat this stuff? If you’re not hiking and burning 6000 calories a day, one lousy burrito would be half of your daily caloric intake! The guy in front of me in line bought two, but I declined to point out my dietary discovery. His XXXXL sweatpants looked kinda baggy anyway.Opened up my backpack and there on my white Tyvek ground cloth was a shiny black spider the size of a quarter. I flicked it out and noticed the red hourglass on it’s abdomen; a black widow! I’d been carrying a venomous spider in my bag for who knows how long. I thought my pack felt kinda heavy…and poisony!Hiked until 9pm, navigating under the light of the moon. Without the blazing sun and fierce wind it was a pleasant stroll and I enjoyed startling the sleeping cows. Enjoy your freedom, you bovines, because you will soon be tucked away in a 1000 calorie burrito! Poor animals. I’m getting hungry for tofu.

  • Starting Location: middle of nowhere
  • Destination: Separ


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