enjoying the desert

I don’t know why I enjoy the desert so much. You’d think a fat kid from the Midwest would just shrivel up and die out here, but I relish the uniqueness of it all. Today I saw wild turkeys, snakes, a majestic natural stone arch, and a tarantula. Bushwhacked up to the rim of a canyon to try and stay off the infernal road walk and was rewarded with excellent views. Found a slow turning windmill that wasn’t pumping out water, but it’s collection tank was full so I just drank the murky green water. After my thirst was quenched a wind picked up, sending the windmill blades spinning and a flood of fresh water out of a pipe. Impeccable timing. I don’t get many vegetables out here so I guess the green water was a healthy substitute.My trusty tennis shoes are now too small for my feet. I was hoping their tightness was due to being new, but I’ve been tromping around in them since Ghost Ranch and my toes are getting squashed. This isn’t good. Size 13 is the highest common shoe size readily available and if I have to go bigger, that means special ordering my footwear from now on. Lovely. Maybe I can amputate a few toes to get these hooves down to a normal size? Ah, now that would be ultra light! As Ray Jardine says, ‘A toe on your foot is like six in your pack.’

  • Starting Location: Zuni Canyon
  • Destination: enjoying the desert


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