Zuni Canyon

Good grief! I gotta get out of here! I cleaned up the floor and got my bounce box from the post office. Enough! I mailed everything in it home. No more will I be a slave to the tyranny of our mail carriers and their ludicrous hours.Got 3 liters of water and started walking.  Right before a notoriously dry desert section…I blame Teen Wolf for influencing the terrible decision.Zuni Canyon was nice, even if it was on a road. The reported water sources were dry and I didn’t find anything until a windmill 20 miles from today’s start. I still had a liter of water in my pack! Filled up and hiked into El Malpais, a jumble of volcanic madness. Finally found a spot to camp free of volcanic rock and the thunderstorm I’d been eyeballing all day finally hit. Crash, flash, and a spit of rain before it blew over.

  • Starting Location: forced zero day – ug!
  • Destination: Zuni Canyon


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