forced zero day – ug!

Packed up my gear and flipped on the Weather Channel to see what I should anticipate. Some rain is forecasted this week, which is actually nice for the desert since cloud cover keeps you from sweating too much. Then I heard the announcer say something about Columbus Day…oh crap! I need to hit the post office but they are closed today! Darn you, Christopher Columbus and your federal building-closing holiday. Why didn’t you stay in Spain instead of ‘discovering’ this continent? You brought a imperialistic culture to this land, complete with genocide for the natives, and now the post offices are closed.Another forced zero day on trial. I ponied up for another night in the motel and hit an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Then I celebrated Columbus Day by lounging naked on the bed all day.  The History Channel had a program on the production of beer, and then I caught Teen Wolf on the American Movie Channel. I had forgotten what a cinematic masterpiece this film was. Michael J. Fox break dancing in a werewolf suit and slam-dunking basketballs is impressive but that’s no reason for me to be jumping on the bed like a spazz. I was praying that Weird Science or Ferris Buehler’s Day Off would come on next, but they followed Teen Wolf with Indecent Proposal! I scanned the phone book, hell bent on calling the television programmers to voice my complaint, but found the pizza section first and was distracted into ordering food instead.

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