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Eight short miles across New Mexico’s crumbly geography got me to a road, a paved road. Once in town I splurged and took advantage of the notoriously cheap hotels and paid for a room. I know, blasphemy! There were so many bushes to sleep in.I’d like to comment a tad more regarding yesterdays’ scribblings. Pull up your chairs and remember…Remember! Remember our history. Remember the history of cowboys, trappers, and miners. Those folks who made and lived a past we romanticize today. Did they work a full year, in cubicles, saving for 401K’s? Did they burden themselves with possessions? Of course not! Yesterday’s heroic figures worked as long as they needed to – to build a grubstake of savings and then to wander the majestic lands of America. You think my wanderlust is some hippy bs? My friend, you have grown cold to reality if you think that, and all I’m doing is living – all I’m doing is the same our ancestors did. I’m living more parallel to your historic heroes, yet I’m the bum?Obviously I’m out of control. I’m in town…excuses, excuses. Like a voice crying out form the wilderness I whisper…shhhhh….

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  1. You are not Alone in your way if thinking. Im on my 28th year in Corporate America. I hate it more and more everyday. Hopin for the chance to live as you did and do. Trails are my next conquest. I’m Hopin day in and day out. To break the chains that bind me!!!!

  2. Lint,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your journal online! My name is Sam and I am planning on taking a semester or too off before a graduate college to hike the entire Continental Divide in 2018. I was wondering if you had any advice or suggestions for preparation, like approximately how much money do I need to bring?

    I have minimal backpacking experience, but I love being outside. It can be anything from camping in Indiana in January to rock climbing in Kentucky to kayaking in Tennessee. I am determined to hike the entire Continental Divide, and eventually The Great Himalaya Trail high route in Nepal when I have more experience with navigating.

    Currently I am planning on going alone, which will have its own difficulties along the way. What I am most worried about is actually readjusting when I get back. I will have one last semester at Purdue University when I get back before graduating Civil Engineering, which is a pretty marketable degree, but the only thing I am passionate about is pushing myself in the outdoors.

    So many people say their goal is to be happy and have a good life, but those terms mean almost nothing without further explanation. Sometimes I just cannot relate to people in human society that are proud of going out to bars with friends or parents that are so focused on finding a career. Not that this things are bad, they just seem so Something is missing. Something must be worthwhile.

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