planning the next hike already

I can’t wait for my next thru hike. Yeah, I’m not even done with this one, but I can sense the end just over the horizon. How could I not want to do this again? After tasting this freedom? Americans talk a lot about freedom but I don’t think they really experience it that often. Freedom is not the choice between Coke and Pepsi or which television show you got to watch tonight. It’s not what car you choose to buy or that weekend vacation. Setting out to walk across this beautiful continent for months at a time, sleeping and waking according to natural cycles, listening to the wind blow through junipers while billions of stars glisten right above your head; you see where I’m going with this?Soon my hike will be over and I’ll have to get another job and join the ranks of the wage slaves. My time and efforts will be sold to some boss so I can slowly fill my bank account again. There will be alarm clocks and timecards to punch, overtime hours and deadlines. My free time will be dished out a weekend at a time but Monday will always be right around the corner.It’s OK; I see how the game works. Employment isn’t something concrete, it’s more dynamic than that. My frugal lifestyle will allow my savings to grow and then I can buy back my life to do as I please for another 5 months. Even though I usually only make $8000 or so a year this is more than enough to be comfortable. When I’m 50 I might look back at my life and be sorry I didn’t build a career and savings, but I doubt it. I’ve met too many envious people who have done just that yet wish they had done this kind of crazy stuff in their youth. I’ve only been around the sun twenty-nine times, but I know what my spirit needs to stay afloat. My lifestyle isn’t for everyone but it’s the perfect world for me. And really, what more could a person ask for?

  • Starting Location: and more hiking the desert
  • Destination: planning the next hike already


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