hiking the desert

After a big breakfast, Rolland and I took off for the 5 miles to Cuba on foot. The CDT goes right down the main drag and here we bid farewell. Rolland had to hitchhike back to his car and go home, and I was sad we couldn’t hike together longer; he was such a great person! Good conversation will be missed.I resupplied and saw a thrift store so I ducked in, looking for a thinner shirt for the upcoming desert. Found a nice synthetic Columbia button-up and even though its XL size was huge on me, figured I better get a shirt more appropriate for warm weather. The one my Uncle Jerry handed down to me was perfect for cold Colorado, but too hot for high temps. So this Columbia shirt, which probably cost $40 new, set me back 25 cents. That’s a bargain!Finally got walking on the highway, which I had to follow for five miles before hitting trail. The banded mesas were beautiful and once on trail I was hiking through sand, cactus, and fantastic rock outcrops. This is pinon-juniper country all right, and I’m enjoying the change in scenery. The trail was VERY well marked with blazes and cairns; a nice change as well. Cruised along until dusk before finding a sandy flat spot to camp for the night.

  • Starting Location: Circle A Ranch
  • Destination: hiking the desert


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