Circle A Ranch

Rolland and I started out this morning on nice new CDT tread, but soon a bunch of unmarked junctions had us scratching our heads in confusion. Tried to stay on trail but eventually said, ‘To hell with this’ and just took off through the woods on a bushwhack. It was so nice to have someone to talk with today and before long we ended up at Circle A Ranch.I didn’t need a night indoors but how could I resist a place called the Circle A? I simply had to go. We checked in and Walter, the caretaker, let us borrow his vehicle so we could go to town. In Cuba we bought fixin’s for burritos. Back at the ranch we cooked up a feast and drank our nourishment on the patio. The Circle A is a perfect spot for CDT hikers to relax and I highly recommend it, even if the place isn’t really an anarchist establishment.

  • Starting Location: Meeting Rolland
  • Destination: Circle A Ranch


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