Meeting Rolland

October already? Where has the time gone? Oh yeah, being a hiker trash hoodlum in the woods! Nice, easy hiking today. Hit some new trail with markers, which was a nice surprise. Ley’s map and Wolf’s guidebook differed after a highway crossing and I chose to follow Wolf’s route. Found a nice CDT post among the road and ribbons for 20 feet but then nothing but a bushwhack through the forest. It was pleasant though, even if it was raining. Ponderosa pines and open forest had me cruising along. At 6:30 I met Rolland who is out doing a big section of trail and decided to camp with him. He told me he saw Organic Steve back in Pagosa Springs; so that means he must be way ahead of me! I wanted to hike with that guy; haven’t seen him since Lima, Montana. Don’t know where he passed me but now I probably can’t catch him. He must not be signing registers because I never saw his name there. Steve’s ahead, Toek and Jug are way behind…I’m in a hiker void!

  • Starting Location: Ghost Ranch and the desert
  • Destination: Meeting Rolland


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