Ghost Ranch and the desert

Sure am glad I packed 3 liters of water from Harris Bear Spring because the Yeso stock pond was unbelievably disgusting. It was a long way to carry water but that pond looked like chocolate milk. No, I take that back; it looked like chocolate pudding. A mighty bushwhack down into a canyon awaited me and I stood on the cliff above looking into the abyss. Plunged into the spiny desert flora and flailed through plants that wanted to kill me but could only poke and scrape my delicate skin with their claws. Luckily, nobody was around to hear me squeal.Ghost Ranch! This bustling little church retreat in the desert is famous on the CDT for their hospitality towards hikers. I picked up my mail drop and cheerfully chucked my tattered old shoes into the trash and donned my new ones.  Showered and washed my clothes in their machine twice, but they still stink like wet dog.Paid $8 for lunch and was kinda disappointed at the mere soup and cornbread offered, even if it was delicious. At an all-you-can-eat joint I’m used to a smorgasbord of high calorie american crap food: like waffles smothered in ranch dressing and roasted chicken giblets with butterscotch sprinkles. Where was the quivering vat of green pudding? Where were the mystery meat shapes? Alas, they were nowhere to be found so I ate about 3 pounds of cornbread and was thankful to be full. This area is beautiful. Colorful mesas in hues of red and brown loom over a landscape of desert plants, and the brilliant blue sky above holds fluffy clouds of moisture high above the arid land. I walked cross-country, admiring this drastic change in environment, just looking around in wonder and peace before brushing up against a cactus and being brought instantly to reality. Argh! I’m in the friggin’ desert! Every living thing pokes, stings, or stabs! But when life gives you a thorny spine, you should pull it out and use it as a toothpick.

  • Starting Location: New Mexico!
  • Destination: Ghost Ranch and the desert


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