New Mexico!

Funny how your expectations can be so wrong. I kinda figured New Mexico would be dry and relatively warm after a Colorado autumn, but the storms just keep rolling in. Today was cloudy and windy as I walked the maze of forest service roads that serve as the CDT. It got ridiculous after I zoned out and missed some obscure turn. Had a few miles of bushwhacking to try and find the correct dirt road in a forest FULL of dirt roads. And then there are the roads yahoos make as they go crazy in their 4×4’s and really make route finding a challenge. Junctions all over but I somehow stayed on track. Think I passed about three blazes in 25 miles. Big ol’ storm blew in to douse me with rain and there was even some bonus lightning thrown in for good measure. I slopped through muddy jeep tracks until the rain stopped and found a nice campsite overlooking a canyon. All of today’s hardship floated away as I watched the last bit of sun vanish over the horizon.

  • Starting Location: meeting Andy
  • Destination: New Mexico!


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