meeting Andy

Stormed all day! I avoided the meadows where the ‘trail’ was and bushwhacked through tree cover since lightning was everywhere. At a highway crossing I met Andy Skurka and hiked with him for the rest of the day. Rain turned to hail and we got pelted with marble sized chunks for a while. Crazy cross-country in this weather was no treat, but it all worked out well. I stopped after a little night hiking but Andy went on.   30 miles is plenty for me; I hate walking in the dark. The rain abated but intense lightning and thunder continues. Flashes so brilliant they hurt my eyes!Andy is the first hiker to pass me on this trip, but he hikes 40 miles a day, so no surprise there. It was nice to have company for a day.

  • Starting Location: hoboing to Cumbres Pass
  • Destination: meeting Andy


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