hoboing to Cumbres Pass

In thanks for my nice accommodations the past two evenings, I packed out the miscellaneous trash others had left and had another amazing breakfast in the restaurant across the street. Walked to the road for the dreaded hitchhike back to Cumbres Pass when I heard the bellow of the locomotive engine across the way. Hmmm…the train goes right up to the pass and stops, but the tickets for this tourist ride were mighty expensive. All these folks were paying big bucks to get a taste of train history, but there was one important piece missing: a hobo! Why, that role could be filled by me! So I jumped aboard and hoped there was no ticket check, and by golly it worked. I’m glad I was able to be an honorary stowaway so these people could really relive the railroad past, but I didn’t eat sardines and drink any cheap wine to really make it authentic. I was filthy, though. Man, what a ride! The old train took off and I couldn’t stop grinning. This sure beat hitchhiking! I met a fella in the passenger car who had read my trail journal and I was shocked anyone reads this madness. It was my first experience meeting a reader! I felt like Stephen King must feel; well, if he was stinky and a crappy writer, that is.Although the train stops at the pass for 5 minutes, nobody is allowed off and it took a little coaxing with the conductor to get permission. Otherwise, I’d have just jumped off! So my hobo hiker experience was a smashing success. They were going there anyway and there were lots of empty seats. Plus I think it gave those paying costumers a thrill to have a real live tramp enliven their experience. After 4 miles I crossed into New Mexico, my last state on the CDT. The jeep road took me through beautiful areas and I enjoyed the brilliant colors of the aspen trees and their changing leaves. Got to use my new water filter too! My buddy Jared mailed it to me in Chama for the real nasty water sources ahead. Thanks, my friend! Feels great to be in New Mexico. No more worries of snow; just worries about water. This trip is flying by. It will be over before I know it, and I’ll have to go back to my other life where I wear the same clothes for weeks and walk all around town. How will I make the transition?!!!

  • Starting Location: Foster’s bar and great locals!
  • Destination: hoboing to Cumbres Pass


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