Foster’s bar and great locals!

Had a big breakfast and got all spazzed out from about 8 cups of coffee before hitting the library. The librarians there were so nice!   Got my bounce box from the PO  while purging the contents and sending a ton of junk home. Sick of paying postage to mail this stuff ahead when I never use it.While sitting on a bench eating a can of beans, I met Bill and Mary Jo. They invited me for food and after a wonderful conversation, gave me a handful of money! Once again I am amazed at the generosity of strangers. When I tried to refuse this gift, Bill said he’d wrestle me if I didn’t take it, and he looked like a fair match so I figured I’d better accept.So now I’m at Foster’s Bar with a bunch of money and it’s happy hour. Ended up getting buzzed, watching two locals have a fistfight and talking with the bartender and Cleo, a nice local lady. An unplanned zero day in town, but what a crazy night! Hiked back to the railroad tracks at midnight and slept in another rail car.

  • Starting Location: camping on the railroad
  • Destination: Foster’s bar and great locals!


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