Note! The past couple days have been extremely cold, so I didn’t write every evening. These journal entries are from memory, which is tough since that part of my brain has been taken over by lyrics to Dead Milkmen songs.The rain this morning convinced Slipkid, Mark and I to stay in our shelters, so I read and dozed until 1:30 pm. We left together, but the cold wind and rain had me hiking fast to stay warm so I soon was way ahead. The trail was very vague in places and multiple confusing intersections had me cursing. It’s tough to navigate when you can’t feel your fingers to unfold maps. Somehow I stayed on course in the fog and hail and got to Elwood Pass. Setting up my tarp was a nightmare; I couldn’t move my fingers! I was so cold my motor functions were shutting down. A truck pulled up and I frantically waved them down and talked my way inside to warm my hands on their heater. Dexterity regained, I set up my tarp and jumped inside, shivering uncontrollably with the onset of hypothermia. Wolfed some bread and cheese for fuel and somehow fell asleep.

  • Starting Location: Silver Pass with friends
  • Destination: COLD!


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