Silver Pass with friends

Rode back to town with Laura and who do I see at Switchback but Slipkid, a north bounder I met way back in Yellowstone. He was here to finish hiking south to Chama since deep snow made it necessary to skip that section when he was hiking here months ago. I tagged along back to Wolf Creek Pass and set out with him and his friend Mark. Oh, it was so nice to have company in the woods! People to talk to! We hiked to Silver Pass; now these were hikers I could relate to. We had an excellent talk under the trees before rain sent us scurrying to our separate shelters. Unfortunately, they plan on hiking low mileage days so I’ll probably go farther than them tomorrow. But who knows? I might take it easy and stay to enjoy their company.

  • Starting Location: passing time
  • Destination: Silver Pass with friends


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