passing time

Unfortunately, LETITBE had to work today so we weren’t able to continue the excellent conversation we started last night. He had brought me back to his home and let me stay in his new hostel cabin out back. I got to meet his kind wife ‘Hiking Heidi’, but our visit was short and soon I was back in town. Too bad, there were such great people and I wish I could have gotten to spend more time talking to them.So there I was…in town…hoping Toek or Jug or anybody would show up so I could have some thru-hiker company. Swung by Switchback Sports and read magazines, just killing time. Here I met Laura who worked at the store and soon her husband Chris stopped by. We ended up going to the bar for some supper and they offered me a place to stay. I thankfully accepted and had a wonderful evening at their house. Once again I’m surrounded by fantastic folks here in Pagosa Springs.

  • Starting Location: Pagosa Springs
  • Destination: passing time


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