Pagosa Springs

Sometimes when one gets greedy and asks for water, Mother Earth brings thunderstorms. Instead of a helicopter dropping a bottle attached to a parachute, I got a midnight storm with winds so violent one of my tarp stakes was ripped from the ground! The resulting mad flapping got my awake in a hurry to repair the damage and I slept fitfully the remaining hours.Alas, 6:30 came and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed! Had a delectable breakfast of cracker crumbs and walked under overcast skies in what was certainly beautiful countryside. I’m not sure though because it was blanketed in dense cloud cover. Occasionally the sun would poke through and I saw under the hem of those clouds, but it was just a tease. Guess I’ll just have to hike the CDT again someday.Finally got to Wolf Creek Pass and polished up my hitchhiking thumb for a ride into town. Tucked my dreads under my cap, straightened my shirt, and smiled big yellow teeth for the passing motorists. Car after car went by and I contemplated licking clean that cracker crumb bad when I spied two ladies returning to their parked car. They were leery at first, but I was in! By the time we got to town I even had a phone number in case I needed anything during my stay. Talk about a turn around! When I first approached them they were scared to death at the notion of me in their car, but look how it all ends up. When you look at humanity as a whole, we’re a bunch of lousy, nasty jerks, but taking a moment to let down your guard and dismissing what the night news fear mongers exploit will show the world and its inhabitants aren’t that scary after all. I mean, c’mon, a hitchhiking axe murderer? How passé!Pagosa Springs! You know the drill: two entrees at a diner, followed by a nap in the corner of an abandoned building. I like to think by sitting here I give this old structure a feeling of purpose; shelter me old cinderblocks while I and listen to traffic. Society may have left you to the creeping weeds of neglect, but I love you for keeping me dry while I wet my innards. Now that’s poetry.The thru-hiker grapevine tells me of a fellow long distance hiker who lives here in town, and after a phone call (courtesy of a friendly outfitter) I have a place to rest my weary head tonight. My kind host is out of town and won’t be back for a few hours so I hole up in this building awaiting a friendly face. Even without meeting him, I know he’s good people; he’s a thru-hiker! We’re all good people. Nobody knows the relief of a roof like someone who has relied on a stranger’s hospitality themselves.Jeez, see what warm weather does to my journal? Now that I finally regain dexterity of my hands all this comes out. For your sake, dear reader, I hope this next section is cold again.

  • Starting Location: Pagosa Springs
  • Destination: Pagosa Springs


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