running low on food

Back on the Divide! It was a heck of a climb to get back up here but oh so worth it! Today was fantastic weather and the trail rolled over the spine of this country. Walking on the actual treeless Divide with the land dropping away on either side is so great. It really puts into perspective this geographical route. The winds were absolutely nuts and even a big fella like me was having difficulty walking. Kept getting blown over! I’m glad to have my gut still for ballast lest I get blown right over the edge.

After my prolonged cabin stay and extra valley miles my food is dwindling. And as soon as you have to ration, your appetite skyrockets. I was saving my last Snickers bar for tomorrow but after staring at it for a minute, reasoned that I’d go faster without carrying its weight. Gulp! So I have 15 miles to do tomorrow before hitting the road to town and, uh…a handful of granola and some cracker dust at the bottom of a ziplock bag. What will I do if I lose my center ballast? Will I resort to eating my shoes?  I’m going to die in the forest alone from malnutrition. Somebody please airdrop me a food so I can deaden the rumbles coming from my stomach! And maybe a grilled cheese sandwich too, eh?

  • Starting Location: 20/20
  • Destination: running low on food


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