Oh hindsight, you drive me crazy! I had contemplated taking a ‘zero’ day in that cabin and hoping the weather would clear but bolted when it looked a little clearer. If I had stayed I’d have awoke today still on the CDT on this perfect day. Well, it was cloudy for a few hours but turned into a beautiful blue sky. I was already way off on my valley alternate though so my route took me on a parallel path but thousands of feet lower. All day I basked in sunshine, staring longingly at those high ridges above, wishing I’d have waited it out in that cabin. But how could I have known the weather would improve?Met some nice horse packers who gave me a drink from their Nalgene bottle along with some trail mix. Slogged through miles of unbelievably muddy trail and got a weather report from a car camper that that storm front was long gone and the next few days should be pleasant. Found a trail that leads back to the Divide and started regaining those thousands of feet in elevation I lost when I fled the snowstorm. Tomorrow I’ll be back on the real CDT after my day of ‘bogus’ lowland miles. Oh well, I can only continue my hike and chuckle when I recall what I’d heard about the CDT: ‘no two people hike the same route on this trail.’ How true!

  • Starting Location: Hunchback Pass
  • Destination: 20/20


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