getting colder and darker

You’ll have to excuse me if these scribblings are often dull and inarticulate. After a long day of hiking, I set up my tarp at dusk, get settled in my nest, and cough up a journal entry before I pass out. Not a lot of time to conjure up eloquent writing. To be honest I’m surprised I even write as much as I do, and then my poor mother has to decipher my horrible penmanship and type all this baloney on Trail Journals. Thanks, Ma!Some kind soul left a cooler of soda pop by a road crossing so I got all hopped up on sugar and caffeine. Met a Colorado Trail hiker and ran into old friends I haven’t seen in a while – cows!   Time to start treating my water again. Saw a black bear too, so I’ll be hanging my food in the trees until I get lazy and revert to sleeping with it beside me again. My food, not the bear.My daily mileage is dropping, I believe. It’s so cold in the morning I have to force myself to get walking by 8 and dusk hits hard at 7:30. There just isn’t enough time in the day for huge miles. Still, I should be out of Colorado before any big snowfall. Oh crap, did I just jinx myself?

  • Starting Location: racing a truck – and winning!
  • Destination: getting colder and darker


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