racing a truck – and winning!

To be honest, today wasn’t very exciting at all. The trail just followed old jeep roads along the Divide in almost constant forest cover. A little up, a little down, a 13-mile waterless stretch. Saw some motor cross dirt bike riders as they sped by on their farting machines and met some nice hunters who were also ultra light back packers. One showed me his titanium .357 revolver! That was the lightest gun I’ve ever felt. I’m pretty sure it’s the same kind Ray Jardine uses to pound in his tarp stakes. Me, I prefer my giant plastic Wal-Mart tent stake hammer. It’s kinda heavy but adds a certain flair to my backpacking arsenal.

I also passed a 4X4 truck on trail today. It was driving away from me, trying to climb over all the boulders on the trail and I slowly but surely caught up with them and then walked around and passed their vehicle. Definitely the first time I’ve beaten a truck on foot. It was a two-mile race, but I won! Take that, General Motors! You should have seen the look on the driver’s face.

  • Starting Location: another lazy day
  • Destination: racing a truck – and winning!


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