lazy day in town

All I did today was stare at the television – never even got dressed. What a lazy day. I’m not a fan of television but it was fascinating to watch this garbage. And the commercials! You have to quit watching for a month, people, and then when you see this stuff it’ll blow your mind. The obvious brainwashing of repetitive commercials, the blatant falsehoods and ridiculous pretend needs for all this stuff! I haven’t owned a TV in many years but occasionally see shows in a bar or something. To think of what happens to your brain after watching for hours a day, for years on end! No wonder people are so messed up in this culture. To see the same stupid commercial six times in the span of thirty minutes, urging me to part with my money and gain the respect of my peers and attention of women. Whatever! I popped another bottle cap and turned to the Weather Channel.

  • Starting Location: Monarch Pass and into Salida
  • Destination: lazy day in town


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