bad signs and shoes

Last night’s drizzle turned into a real boomer and the fierce winds blew rain right into the open end of my tarp. All night my umbrella served as a block and I stayed reasonably dry but the rain did get me.  Let my folly be a lesson to you all; never put your mistakes on a public forum!Ah, but the sun came out and I dried my gear. Hiked up Hope Peak for fantastic views of the mountains. I sat cradled in a pass, stunned by the geology encircling me. Spires as far as my bloodshot eyes could see. So the CT and CDT split, I guess. Misleading signs are everywhere – remnants of the past. My trusty maps don’t have these new trails and it’s incredibly frustrating. Can you imagine being in some foreign city with maps that don’t have all the streets? And then there are no signs on those confusing streets? Would you curse and shake your fist in the air? Of course you would. Don’t kid yourself.I kept my trust in Jonathan Ley’s maps and they kept me in the correct direction. All those #@! trail signs were bogus! Who goes to all the trouble to erect trail signs that are giving false info? If I hadn’t followed my maps, who knows where I’d ended up? You’d think a nice sign would point you in the right direction, but those arrows occasionally lie. Or maybe they are CDT re-routes. Who can tell? Either way, I’m going to Mexico.These new shoes I got in my Twin Lakes mail drop are awful. Being free doesn’t change the fact that they’re killing my feet. Looks like I’ll have to hitchhike to a town at the next road crossing and get some new footwear. Ah, but even a crappy day of rain, confusing trail and sore feet is still a good day. I’m alive!

  • Starting Location: Twin Lakes
  • Destination: bad signs and shoes


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