Twin Lakes

The CDT near Twin Lakes takes this ridiculous route around the east side, roughly 7 miles in a big loop when every hiker needs to go to town to resupply.  So I bushwhacked to the general store and got my boxes. Unfortunately, good wholesome bread doesn’t last well in the mail, so I had to toss what I’m sure was delicious pumpernickel. That was sad because I LOVE good bread and it’s near impossible to find in America. If you can squish it into a ball, it’s bad bread. And if it’s completely green with mold you know it was a good wholesome food free of preservatives. I ran out of my Aunt Martine’s baked good days ago so now I’m fiending for a bakery! Luckily, pretzels were in perfect shape!   Walked in drizzle just before a pass and camped with a Colorado Trail hiker. Just for future reference, CT is the Colorado Trail and CDT is for the Continental Divide Trail. Thanks for remembering; it’ll save me so much time.

  • Starting Location: Mt. Massive
  • Destination: Twin Lakes


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