Mt. Massive

I could have hiked like a madman and done the 36 miles into Twin Lakes today…but nothing would have been open anyway, so I had a nice relaxed 26-mile day up and down from mountains to valleys and all the forested areas between. Saw a weasel for a moment before it ran away in that slinky way they do. Saw my first elk since Wyoming. They must know it’s hunting season and are even more skittish than normal. Mt. Massive, a 14 ‘er, is in sight but I don’t think I’ll be climbing it on this trip. I’m content to admire its hulking mass from the trail at its feet. I’m getting especially lazy about treating my water and am drinking from sources I probably should be leery of. I never treat spring water and rarely streams coming directly from a high and visible peak, but now I’m just drinking everything straight. Maybe this will help boost my immune system for those New Mexico water tanks that have cow poop AND dead animals in them. By the time I get there I’ll be able to wring the moisture from cow pies directly into my mouth and not get sick. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Are you jealous yet? It was pretty warm today so I hiked in the sun sans shirt for hours. The day hiker I met obviously didn’t believe me when I told him I started in Canada. He kind of smirked and walked away. Just because I still have a gut doesn’t mean I’m not legit!

  • Starting Location: Copper Mountain and beyond
  • Destination: Mt. Massive


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