Copper Mountain and beyond

Morning bicyclists and walkers woke me up as they cruised along the bike path next to my tarp so I figured I better get athletic too.  Said goodbye to those skateboarding maniacs and thought about my next trip. From the stories they had, I think I’ll take a nice long hitchhiking trip soon. Got to Copper Mountain which is a giant ski resort and ordered an expensive breakfast at a fancy café. After hearing what I was doing, the bartender bought my food!  I am going to have a huge karma debt after this trip. People have been so kind. I’m not asking for this generosity; in fact I try my best to decline the financial assistance, but to no avail. Folks I’ve met are just unbelievably nice. I tipped big and got back on trail. Rain fell but I got to a little ski cabin before the worst of it. Ate lunch and continued up over Searle Pass as the skies rumbled. The CDT and the Colorado Trail are one and the same now, so there is excellent tread and a plethora of trail signs. How nice! The rain finally abated and a brilliant blue sky replaced that cloudy cover. I hiked until dark before tucking away in the soft forest duff of earth blanketed in pine needles. The coniferous leaves of the trees are enough to shield the ground from rain, yet sparse enough to offer a clear view of the banquet of stars scattered across evening’s arrival.

  • Starting Location: Frisco and snowboarders
  • Destination: Copper Mountain and beyond


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