Frisco and snowboarders

Broke down and purchased a new pair of insoles to replace the thrashed ones in my dusty ol’ shoes. Paying retail hurts, but so do my feet without proper support. So look at me now, with my snazzy new top and insoles! All I need is a top hat and monocle to complete the transition. Naw, then I might look like Mr. Peanut from those Planters commercials.Decisions, decisions. From Silverthorne I have a choice on my route. The official CDT goes up into the thunder-ridden mountains, gaining and losing thousands of feet in elevation. Or, I could walk the nice level bicycle path…oh crap, I’m such a wuss. Bike path it is! Walking this alternate route takes me in Frisco, which hosts a nice health food store. The seesaw of my choices creates a perfect fulcrum, a symphony of opposites guaranteed to keep me in harmony with the spinning globe.   Down Main Street I weaved in search of the health food store. The usual assortment of tourons were milling in the streets but I spied two kids with skateboards and big backpacks. This is how I met Casey and Joel, two pro snowboarders who took a dare and were hitchhiking from Vermont to California in 10 days on $100 to get to a snowboard show. They had a list of objectives to complete along the way: swim in the Mississippi River, make out with a 40+ year old woman, get a tattoo, hop a train, etc. They were waiting to get that tattoo when I met them and we talked about that train business. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anything about the yards or schedules in Colorado, but I tried to give them a few pointers before hustling to the food store.After resupplying I was ready to continue my walk when I thought it would be nice to have company. What the hell, I’ve been yearning for company on this trip and here were two traveling guys, from Portland no less, who were in the same town I was. Found them at the tattoo parlor and watched Casey get the abbreviation for Colorado inked on his arm. Another goal of theirs accomplished, we stealth camped along the bike path. I may not be meeting other thru hikers lately, but this is the second run in with fellow travelers and it was great to swap stories about life on the road/trail. Can’t wait to hear how it ended when we meet again.

  • Starting Location: meeting the relatives!
  • Destination: Frisco and snowboarders


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