meeting the relatives

Guess what I did today? Oh yeah, I walked! Up, around, and over Colorado’s wonderful mountains, over rocky passes and finally down to a jeep road that spat me out into the town of Silverthorne. It’s always such a shock to come down from the high forests and become overwhelmed by automobile traffic and billboards.  My Aunt Martine and Uncle Jerry met me and we had a blast catching up. They even brought me an array of shirts to pick from, so I ripped my tattered threads right off and chose a nice button up shirt. My crusty punk rock street cred dropped a notch, but damn, I look sharp in this new shirt.Off to the Dam Brewery for food and drink and more excellent conversation. I get so lonely hiking solo and it’s so nice to be able to relax with good people. My aunt even made me some delicious baked goods to take on the trail. After treating me to supper, they dropped me off and I stumble around town looking for a camp. Sat in a building under construction and climbed up the ladder to the roof to see the twinkling stars and city lights. Unrolled my bedroll to sleep but the concrete floor was cold, so I moved across the street and found a nice flat spot along the river. Urban stealth camping is so much fun, I feel like I’m poaching my nighttime rest. Good night, Silverthorne.

  • Starting Location: Parry Peak
  • Destination: meeting the relatives!


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