Devil’s Thumb Pass

COLD. I’m camped in a little flat spot surrounded by boulders to block some wind, but at 12,200 feet it is mighty chilly. Went up Devil’s Thumb Pass today after noon and walked above timberline on the Divide the rest of the way. A storm blew in while I was drying gear at Rollins Pass and I was able to barely stand out of the rain under the tiny kiosk. It blew away finally and I met some nice folks who drove up the dirt road. Candy and chips!Aside from that storm, I had excellent weather. Arrived at this flat spot at 6:30, much earlier than I am used to stopping, but the topo map shows no other suitable flat spots ahead. Besides, it’s windy enough here under my tarp! This section is incredible. The views are outstanding. Such an odd feeling to be walking cross-country on these alpine ridges. The only sound is the wind and an occasional squeak from a startled pika amongst the boulders. Lost in my thoughts, soaking in the scene around my spinning head.

  • Starting Location: Roaring Fork and beyond
  • Destination: Devil’s Thumb Pass


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