This ‘trail journaling’ leaves me frustrated at times. It’s one thing to scribble nonsense onto paper only I will read (and hopefully decipher) in days past. It’s another thing entirely to know this crap will reach an audience. How am I supposed to describe my summit ridge walk in the Never Summer Wilderness? Ohhhh, it was gorgeous! Ohhhh, how scenic! Whatever. My capabilities as a derelict wordsmith fail. Leave it up to your imagination or better yet, come carefully visit these places yourselves. To climb so high and be at the mercy of indifferent weather; it’s enough to make a pagan out of anyone.   . Thunderstorms! Down, down to dwellings, onto roads and painted lines. Down to the town of Grand Lake for food. I shed my sin and am reborn as a gluttonous consumer, filling the vessel before me with rewards unearned. Irony is cast aside and I partake in the pleasure my ethics denounce. Now full and happy, my internal cheapskate compass directs me to a flat spot of woods in the shadow of multi-million dollar homes. You own this land, do you? Well, my wealthy friend, forgive me my trespasses and I shall ignore yours. My comrades toil to sow what you reap and this innocent disregard of ‘private property’ is only a crime in the minds of heartless robots. Let this land be a common treasury for all. The burning halogen safety light that illuminates your boundary only serves as a nightlight to those who humbly trespass. I thank you for your insecurities. Jeez, are you still reading this garbage? Winter is definitely coming, so I tighten down the hatches and try to remain warm. The promise of tomorrow’s daybreak helps heat my blood. To be alive in a world that encourages death of the spirit…

  • Starting Location: 12,000+ feet
  • Destination: musings


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