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Elk bow hunting season started yesterday so the woods were full of hunters buzzing around on ATVs and giving me funny looks. They’re all decked out in full camo so I don’t exactly blend in as another hunter. Plus I’m actually using my legs to move and not some gas powered vehicle, so I’m looked upon with suspicion. Nobody I spoke with had seen any elk either, but with all the motors racing around it isn’t too hard to figure out why. Maybe if they were quiet in the habitat of their prey some might not be scared away. Oh, I don’t sound very American there, do I? Sorry, sorry! Internal combustion engines in the woods TOTALLY RULE! There, is that better? Can I keep my civil liberties?Just realized that when I did laundry in Steamboat Springs that is was the first time since Lima, Montana. Totally forgot to do laundry for the entire state of Wyoming and then some. Oops! Just got caught up with other things, I guess. Tossed around the idea of tying a string around my finger to help remind myself, but that string would get so filthy by the time I got to a laundromat, it would probably rot off. Too much food and not enough toilet paper. That care package Rachel sent me had so much good grub, plus I went crazy at the health food store, so I’ve got way too much to eat. It’s just that when I find good wholesome food, I feel the need to stock up. So next town I’ll have extra and can forgo a few boxes of crappy mac-n-cheese. But all this stuff is keeping me very regular and I’m defecating 3 times a day. I usually use sticks and rocks to wipe and do a final swipe with t.p., but I wasn’t anticipating all this ‘down time’. My pampered tush demands that final tissue pass, but I’ll somehow have to tough it out. If I die, dear reader, know I was in the wilderness doing what I love. Don’t cry for me or my behind. Just think of me wiping with rocks when you squeeze the Charmin. Aren’t you glad I’m sharing this?Colorado is awesome. Forested ridges, high mountains, water sources, and cool temperatures. There are hardly any trail markers at all, so navigation demands attention. I’ve been continuing to put up plenty of rock cairns for other hikers and appreciate the ones others have built.


Starting Location: Gabriel, running across America

  • Destination: too much information


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