Gabriel, running across America

The PO had my box! It was there the whole time but the lady yesterday must have overlooked it. Got my precious maps and some other cold weather gear I’ve been mailing along to myself. I would have been out of luck without my maps so I don’t think I’ll send them anymore.Sewed up some giant holes in my hat and patched a few spots that were getting torn. I’ve had this hat for all my thru hikes and must keep it together. Besides, it looks classy. My shirt I will replace but never my hat! Sam and Darin drove me back to the pass and I once again was thankful for all the kind folks out there helping me along. Such fantastic people, letting me stay in their home and cooking dinner. I owe you guys!Because of private property issues, this section is a huge road walk on highways. Ugh, terrible. But I saw a fella running in my direction on the other side of the road and he stopped to say hello. Gabriel is running from New York to California! His friend Mike was driving a minivan as a support vehicle and we all chanced to meet out on the CDT road walk along highway 40. Had a great conversation about travel and experiences along the way. To thing our long journeys, going in totally opposite directions, just happened to cross here, today.On with my road walk. No good camping spots anywhere and I almost settled on the ditch since it was getting late. But I hopped a fence and ran to some trees in between passing cars. This will do.

  • Starting Location: more nice folks and a dinosaur
  • Destination: Gabriel, running across America


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