more nice folks and a dinosaur

The sounds of bicycles over my head woke me up and I crawled out from under the bridge to bask in a sun shiny day. Took the free bus to downtown and checked out a few thrift stores in search of a new shirt. No luck; everything was cotton. I’d heard an AT alumni worked at a bagel shop ’round here so I went in to find Jasch. He wasn’t there but the employees called him and he stopped by to see me. His parents were coming to town and I didn’t want to burden him with putting me up for the night, so we hung out for a while and parted ways. Stopped in a natural foods store for some fruit and met the owner, Linda, who not only gave me a free pass to the community swimming pool, but also offered to let me stay in her home! Had a nice shower and hot tub soak at the pool area and continued my shirt hunt. Ran into Sam and Darin at a thrift store and being long distance hikers themselves, they knew that I needed somewhere to sleep and offered me a spot at their place. How great is that?Got a great care package from my friend Rachel at the PO, full of good food and vitamins, but they didn’t have my bounce box with my maps. Oh crap. Had a wild time at Sam and Darin’s place. I now have a photo of me riding a giant Sinclair dinosaur and wearing a cowboy hat.

  • Starting Location: living like a troll
  • Destination: more nice folks and a dinosaur


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