living like a troll

Well, here I am in Steamboat Springs. Did a 30-mile day over some beautiful mountains and ended with flat ATV track, so my ‘big day’ was done by 5pm. Waited 10 minutes hitching on hwy 40, being passed by the macho men in their giant pickup trucks before a kind lady stopped to pick up my ragged butt. Again, a single woman stops to give me a ride while the tough American men avert their gaze from my outstretched thumb. What is wrong with this picture? Oh yeah, I forgot! 90% of American men are sissies who jump at their own shadows, yet posture as rugged individuals ‘skared of nuthin’.’ Whatever. At least those 10% are for real.Ate supper and called my town connection. A friend of a friend offered to put me up for the night, but I only got an answering machine for hours. So I bought a beer and found a flat spot under a bridge to sleep. Like a troll I lurk, surrounded by extravagant ski resort wealth. This is the grassiest, most clean bridge crevasse I’ve ever seen! No fire rings, empty bottles or disgusting undergarments to be found. As the town’s newest and probably sole homeless bridge dweller, I promise to keep a clean camp and give this next fella the same joy I got from such a pristine urban hideout. Hallelujah, I’m a bum!

  • Starting Location: folks from Lake Villa, IL
  • Destination: living like a troll


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