folks from IL

Drank the last of my water and hustled on to find more, which came just in time as a bubbling spring. I hate treating my water so clean sources like this are great to find. Met a nice family out doing GPS routing for the CDT and got to talk trail. I love meeting fellow backpackers out here and the craziest meeting yet was three ladies out for a day hike. As we chatted, the subject of hometowns came up and two of them live in Illinois. They live about one block from where my father works, so I hope they stop in and say hello when they return home. What a small world! Where I’m from is just a tiny little town and here I meet two residents on the CDT in Colorado.Great hiking today with water sources everywhere and splendid views of the mountains. I’d hoped to get up and over Lost Ranger Peak, but I got to the base at 7pm and had a big thunderstorm on my tail. Sprinkles started so I ducked into a tiny stand of trees and set up camp. By 7:30 the storm shifted and blew north, so I guess I could have kept going. Lost Ranger will have to wait ’til tomorrow.

  • Starting Location: 1400 miles behind me
  • Destination: folks from Lake Villa, IL


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