1400 miles behind me

My new heroes sent me off with coffee for breakfast and I vowed to keep myself as free spirited and enthusiastic when I reach their age. Quiet footsteps across padded forest duff led to a giant rock cairn, and I crossed the imaginary border into Colorado. As arbitrary as borders are, this milestone still felt good, so I stopped to cook supper. From the Canadian border, across Montana and Wyoming, some 1400 miles and two months later, I sat sprawled in the dirt cooking pasta over a fire. I’ve been told a life of hard work and dedication was noble, so I pretended they weren’t talking about financial success and enjoyed my dinner amongst the trees. After my simple meal, I walked to a ridge with views people spend millions of dollars on to buy land and build a home. Set up camp and knew that this free home would only be surpassed by the next brilliant spot I decided to rest my head on further along the journey.

  • Starting Location: Gordon and Jane
  • Destination: 1400 miles behind me


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